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Alpha Bethel & Co.,Int'l Patent and Trademark office.

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Welcome to our world of IP Rights Protections!

The innovative and creative ability of a company or an organisation empowers,strengthens and determines the success of the company.It is not enough to have a good name attached to a good product,idea or an invention,it is of much more importance to preserve and protect these products,inventions and services against any unlawful abuse in order to retain the company or organisation sole rights,and to further  secure returns in the company's favor. 

Finding and working with a Professional can be a daunting task. However, there are many situations that arise that require sound Professional advice and representation.

Here at Alpha Bethel & Co., we strive to make your experience a positive one. We are a full-service firm,solely practising IP rights registrations and protections with many experienced hands who specialize in effective protection and enforcement of (IP rights) products,inventions and services,as these are essential due to the fact that unprotected goods & services are free to be copied by unauthorised parties,without any negative legal consequences for the infringer.We are here to give you the best of the best service as far as the protection of your IP rights are concern.

We've included information on this site about our firm's history. We look forward to working with you.


Alpha Bethel & Co.,Int'l Patent and Trademark Office.

1,Yid/Ekundayo Street,(by MFM)
Yid B/S,off Command Rd,Ipaja
P.O.Box 379,Ipaja 100006 
Lagos - Nigeria.
TEL:+234 803 247 8717
FAX:+234 802 274 7790

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or wish to discuss your specific needs.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information at this web site is for advertising and general information purposes. This information is not intended to be legal advice for you to rely on. We recommend you contact the firm for specific questions.